2020 March/April: 178 Foote Street, Templestowe. Contaminated soil PFOS, PFHxS, PFOA

2020 March/April: 178 Foote Street, Templestowe

Contaminated Soil Dumped at Dogs Victoria facility Skye

Per- and polyfluoalkyl substances (“PFAS”) having been excavated and transported from a former fire station site located at 178 Foote Street, TEMPLESTOWE (a former fire station site).

6 test pits were dug to a depth of 1.8 metres and 15 soil samples were obtained from a large stockpile of excavated soil.

Analysis reported exceedances to the EPA Interim Position Limit for perfluorooctanesulfonate
(“PFOS”), perfluorohexanesulfonate (“PFHxS”) and perfluorooctanoate (“PFOA”), and to the PFAS NEMP.

Organofluorine compounds were reported above the laboratory limit of reporting in every soil sample submitted for laboratory analysis. If the PFAS NEMP human health (residential land use
with gardens) assessment criteria was used for screening, 9 out of 10 soil samples would exceed the concentrations considered to be protective of human health for the sum of PFOS and PFHxS.

As part of an investigation into the receival of allegedly contaminated soil, EPA officers attended the CRANBOURNE WEST premises of Lancore Group Pty Ltd at 665 Dandenong-Hastings Rd (“the premises”) at approximately 0940 hours on 17 April 2020. The officers were informed that the original deliveries from KNN Transport for the allegedly contaminated soil delivered on 7 and 10 February 2020 had come with a clean fill certificate, and that all the received soil was kept and used onsite.