2020/21 Dog’s Victoria, Skye. Contaminated Soil

Update February 2022 Dogs Victoria Skye, Victoria

3000 Cubic metres (p6 EPA Notice 90011875) of PFAS impacted soil permitted to remain onsite in Frankston Green Wedge Zone (GWZ)


In November 2021 EPA approved the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) allowing PFAS contaminated soil, originating from Templestowe Fire Station redevelopment under the auspices of the Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA) , to remain onsite in this sensitive Green Wedge Zone (GWZ).


The EMP states

“It is understood that the Site is owned by Dogs Victoria for uses including showing and training dogs and that Lancore were engaged by Dogs Victoria to bring fill soils to the Site as part of the redevelopment of the western portion for further facilities relating to the current site use.

It is the responsibility of the Site Owner to hold and implement this EMP. Stakeholders are detailed further in Section 4.”

This clearly states  that the site owner DOGS VICTORIA has responsibility to hold and implement the requirements of the EMP under this agreement

The EMP at the direction of the EPA includes key recommendations of the Coffey Report as stipulated by the EPA in EPA Notice CUN90012151


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September 2020: Skye Victoria Contaminated Soil

Soil from old CFA site in Templestowe was dumped at this Dogs Victoria property

Park toxic soil fear

Herald Sun Sep 29 2020

Victoria’s environmental watchdog is investigating after potentially toxic soil was moved from a former Melbourne fire station and dumped at a dog park.

Up to 20 truckloads of contaminated soil were delivered to Dogs Victoria’s property in Skye in February after being cleared as clean fill.

However, investigators fear it may potentially be contaminated with cancer-causing chemical PFAS.

They have called for more testing and launched an investigation into how it was classified as clean fill.

The area of soil at KCC Park in Skye was cordoned off in April as soon as concerns were raised, according to Dogs Victoria’s Vin McPhee. He said he was confident that no members’ health or animals had been put at risk…

It comes after concerned Dogs Victoria members who reported the case to the Herald Sun, say the soil arrived under suspicious circumstances…

The latest PFAS scare comes after the Metropolitan Fire Brigade – now rebadged as Fire Rescue Victoria – ordered testing at all current and former city fire station sites after firefighters were found to have elevated levels of the substance in their blood in 2019…

In June, it was revealed toxic soil would be removed from a Melbourne childcare centre built on an old station site as part of the PFAS probe.

A further 13 private properties were under review after testing found PFAS on site.