2020/21: Former Port Adelaide Waste Water Treatment Plant. PFAS chemicals: Multiple

“Groundwater PFAS data for –Former Pt Adelaide WWTP -Site of Residential Development”.

*This is new groundwater PFAS data taken on the land of the former Pt Adelaide WWTP  (a contaminated site). A plan has been approved to remediated this large site for major residential redevelopment and will be a suburb of West Lakes.  

West Lakes Residential and Mixed Use Code Amendment – Attachments L to P
Site Contamination Audit Statement – EPA Ref: 62593
Former Port Adelaide Wastewater Treatment Plant,
Attachment D Groundwater Summary Table C PFAS (page168)


MW 16: PFOA 0.05ug/L, PFHxS 0.03ug/L, PFOS 0.07ug/L, PFHpS 0.03ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.1ug/L

MW 34: MW 19: PFOA 0.02ug/L, PFOS 0.07ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.07ug/L

GW 03: PFOA 0.03ug/L, PFOS 0.013ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.013ug/L


MW 19: PFOA 0.02ug/L, PFOS 0.07ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.07ug/L

MW 25: PFOA 0.01ug/L, PFOS 0.03ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.03ug/L

MW 16: PFOA 0.04ug/L, PFHxS 0.01ug/L, PFOS 0.06ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.07ug/L

PAMB03: PFOA 0.18ug/L, PFHxS 0.05ug/L, PFOS 0.12ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.17ug/L

MW 26: PFOA 0.28ug/L, PFHxS 0.15ug/L, PFOS 0.41ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.56ug/L

MW 20: PFOA 0.02ug/L, PFOS 0.02ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.02ug/L

GW 03: PFOA 0.02ug/L, PFOS 0.01ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.01ug/L

MWP 01: PFOA 0.03ug/L, PFPeA 0.11ug/L, PFHxS 0.01ug/L, PFOS 0.01ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.02ug/L

PAMB 08: PFOA 0.34ug/L, PFPeA 0.03ug/L, PFHxS 0.09ug/L, PFOS 0.1ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.19ug/L

MW 15: PFOA 0.32ug/L, PFPeA 0.04ug/L, PFHxS 0.13ug/L, PFOS 0.77ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.9ug/L

PAMB 02: PFOA 0.02ug/L, PFHxS 0.02ug/L, PFOS 0.01ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.03ug/L

MWP 02: PFOA 0.07ug/L, PFPeA 0.03ug/L, PFHxS 0.1ug/L, PFOS 0.02ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.12ug/L

MW 30: PFOA 0.05ug/L, PFHxS 0.06ug/L, PFOS 0.04ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.1ug/L

MW 17: PFOA 0.08ug/L, PFHxS 0.07ug/L, PFOS 0.07ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.14ug/L

MW 12: PFOA 0.02ug/L, PFHxS 0.01ug/L, PFOS 0.01ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.02ug/L

MW 13: PFHxS 0.02ug/L, PFOS 0.02ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.04ug/L

MWB 1: PFOA 0.13ug/L, PFPeA 0.03ug/L, PFHxS 0.09ug/L, PFOS 0.02ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.11ug/L

MWB 2: PFHxS 0.11ug/L, PFOS 0.02ug/L, PFOS+PFHxS 0.13ug/L