Nov 15 2021: Northern Beaches Link, soil shipped to Newcastle?

Proposal to dump toxic waste from the construction of Northern Beaches Link in Mayfield | Newcastle Herald

Nov 15 2021

Tim Krakanthorpe of Newcastle MP will file a motion notice this week calling on the state government to abandon plans to ship 12,000 cubic meters of Sydney’s toxic sludge. Excavated during the construction of Northern Beaches Link, this material contains lead, mercury, silver, zinc, polyfluorinated surfactants (PFAS), and dioxins. After pre-treatment in Sydney, the New South Wales Department of Transportation is proposing to barge Newcastle with Mayfield North, which is under consideration as a temporary storage site. Approximately 45 trucks of material will be shipped to the waste facility. There is no regional consultation. Crakanthorp accused the government of attempting to fly under radar. “People in Newcastle are very enthusiastic about this proposal and I’m sure the New South Wales government knows it,” he said. “We are very familiar with the turmoil that PFAS can cause, and the last thing we want is the turmoil around the city.” Sydney acquired the infrastructure and Newcastle Get toxic waste. “Newcastle is not a dump in Sydney.”