2017/20: Clunes Biosolids Treatment Facility. PFOS, PFOA

Clunes Biosolids Treatment Facility

The facility receives stabilised biological sludge, largely from the Ballarat South Wastewater Treatment Plant, which undergoes further treatment.


Stockpile 1-1: PFOA 0.0095mg/kg, PFOS 0.0100mg/kg

Stockpile 1-2: PFOA 0.0074mg/kg, PFOS 0.0065mg/kg

Stockpile 1-3: PFOA 0.0116mg/kg, PFOS 0.0098mg/kg

Stockpile 1-4: PFOA 0.0035mg/kg, PFOS 0.0079mg/kg

The initial screening for PFOS and PFOA indicates these compounds are present in the Clunes BTF stockpile. The concentrations determined from this small sample size are below or within the concentrations determined for other sites as summarized in the ANZ Biosolids Partnership report.

2020 Samples

Biosolids is air dried material originating at CHW’s Ballarat South Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is transported to the Clunes WWTP for drying, stockpiling and reuse.
b. Grab Samples taken 1/5/2020.

Sample 6545366: PFOS 11ug/kg, PFPeA 5.7ug/kg, PFHxA 9.3ug/kg, PFOA 6.9ug/kg, PFDA 5.4ug/kg

Sample 6545367: PFOS 18ug/kg, PFPeA 4ug/kg, PFHxA 14ug/kg, PFOA 11ug/kg, PFDA 9.9ug/kg

Sample 6545368: PFOS 7.3ug/kg, PFPeA 4.1ug/kg, PFHxA 5.6ug/kg, PFOA 3.3ug/kg, PFDA 3.2ug/kg

Sample 6545369: PFOS 7.7ug/kg, PFPeA 4ug/kg, PFHxA 7.5ug/kg, PFOA 5.5ug/kg, PFDA 4ug/kg

Sample 6545370: PFOS 9.4ug/kg, PFPeA 5.4ug/kg, PFHxA 9.1ug/kg, PFOA 6ug/kg, PFDA 4.5ug/kg