2017 – 2021: Lorne Water Reclamation Plant. PFAS

Lorne Water Reclamation Plant

Lorne Sludge (WRP sludge that is not applied to land. It is supplied to a third party, in combination with all other WRP sludge, for further processing into a dried biosolid)


PFDA 0.0057mg/kg, PFDoDA 0.0003mg/kg, PFHxA 0.0008mg/kg, PFOS 0.0034mg/kg, PFOA 0.0095mg/kg, PFNA 0.0012mg/kg, Sum of PFAS 0.0225mg/kg, Sum of PFAS (WA DER list) 0.0137mg/kg, Sum of PFHxS and PFOS 0.0034mg/kg


PFDA 0.0076mg/kg, PFDoDA 0.001mg/kg, PFHpA 0.0003mg/kg, PFHxS 0.0004mg/kg, PFHxA 0.0007mg/kg, FOSA 0.0008mg/kg, PFOS 0.0067mg/kg, PFOA 0.0084mg/kg, PFTrDA 0.0003mg/kg, PFUnDA 0.0006mg/kg, PFNA 0.0019mg/kg, Sum of PFAS 0.0295mg/kg, Sum of PFAS (WA DER list) 0.0165mg/kg, Sum of PFHxS and PFOS 0.0071mg/kg


PFBS 0.003mg/kg, PFDA 0.0071mg/kg, PFDoDA 0.0021mg/kg, PFHpS 0.0003mg/kg, PFHxS 0.0004mg/kg, PFHxA 0.0022mg/kg, PFOS 0.0089mg/kg, PFOA 0.0071mg/kg, PFNA 0.0015mg/kg, Sum of PFAS 0.0342mg/kg, Sum of PFAS (WA DER list) 0.0224mg/kg, Sum of PFHxS and PFOS 0.0093mg/kg


PFBA 16ug/kg, PFNA 3.1ug/kg, PFOS 15ug/kg, PFOA 7.1ug/kg, Sum of PFAS 41.2ug/kg, Sum of PFASW (WA DER list) 38.1ug/kg, Sum of PFHxS and PFOS 15ug/kg


EtFOSAA 0.003mg/kg, PFDA 0.0019mg/kg, PFDoDA 0.0004mg/kg, PFNA 0.0005mg/kg, PFOS 0.0014mg/kg, PFOA 0.0011mg/kg, PFUnDA 0.0004mg/kg, Sum of PFAS 0.006mg/kg, Sum of PFAS (WA DER list) 0.0025mg/kg, Sum of PFHxS and PFOS 0.0014mg/kg