2021 February: Avenue Street/Collins Street/Alexandra Street – Bundaberg (Queensland). PFAS contaminated soil

PFAS-contaminated properties can’t be rented, can’t be sold, leaving owners in limbo

February 9 2021


Three Queensland property owners have been left feeling “devastated” and in limbo after traces of fuel and PFAS contaminants were found on their properties.

The five blocks belonging to the three owners border an Ampol-owned Caltex fuel depot in Bundaberg.

Anita Penny bought her property in the city’s east in 1998, but 23 years on it is now contaminated and losing value.

She said she cannot sell or rent out the Collins Street property and is unable to grow and eat fruit or vegetables from her garden.

“To be told that the house you have been paying off for 20 years is now completely worthless was absolutely devastating,” Ms Penny said.