2019: Petrie Paper Mill (Queensland) – PFAS

Petrie Paper Mill (Queensland)

21 October 2019: Also on the list is a former paper mill at Petrie, to the north of Brisbane, which is being converted into a new campus for the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

Documents show the Department of Environment issued a notice to the operator Orora after PFAS chemicals were detected in soil and leaking into the adjacent Pine River in 2017.

A final response commissioned by the company itself in response to the Department found there is an “unacceptable risk to birds and animals” in the surrounding waterways popular with recreational fishers.

It also found that some parts of the land would not be suitable for residential development or open public space.

In the report, the company said it was in the process of conducting remediation work and a DES spokesman said it found “no unacceptable risk for people”.

“A final investigation report, including a human health and ecological risk assessment, indicated that there was no unacceptable health risk for people on the site or nearby as a result of PFAS,” he said.

“Following the investigation, Orora has set up a PFAS treatment facility on site, which is licenced by DES as part of remediation activity associated with current site development.”

22 Oct 2019: HAZARDOUS chemicals with the potential to cause serious environmental harm have been discharged into waterways from the Petrie Mill site, …

2 Dec 2019: The council bought the old Petrie Paper Mill at the centre of this project … the discovery of PFAS chemicals in a number of locations on the site.