2018/19 – Macleod Morass – Gippsland Lakes (Victoria) – Avoid or Limit Consumption of Water Fowl, water pollution

Macleod Morass Gippsland Lakes listed on publication

Consumption Advice for Recreationally Harvested Waterfowl

EPA Victoria – Publication Date 1732 March 2019.

Macleod Morass

PFAS in Victorian waterfowl

Investigation of the presence of PFAS in 19 wetlands in Victoria

EPA Victoria Publication 1734 March 2019

PFOA: Macleod Morass Water: 0.015ug/L

PFOS: Macleod Morass Water: 0.016ugL

PFOS + PFHxS: Macleod Morass North: 0.03ug/L

Water Fowl: Yes

Table 6 (below) – Summary of exceedances of trigger points for investigation in waterfowl, the number of specimens per species for composite samples and the range of PFOS + PFHxS concentrations in breast and liver.

Waterfowl Tested: 3 Chestnut Teal, 3 Grey Teal, 3 Pacific Black Duck, 2 Pink-eared Duck. 11 Total Specimens. PFOS + PFHxS: Breast 9.6-34ug/kg, Liver 64-347ug/kg

above trigger points for investigation in bold