2018: Reedy Lake (Victoria). Water Fowl, PFOS, PFHxS, PFAS

Reedy Lake

PFAS in Victorian waterfowl

Investigation of the presence of PFAS in 19 wetlands in Victoria

EPA Victoria Publication 1734 March 2019

PFOS: Reedy Lake Soil: 0.006mg/kg

PFHxS: Reedy Lake Waters: 0.028ug/L

PFOS + PFHxS: Reedy Lake Waters: 0.082ug/L

PFAS in Water Fowl: Yes

Table 6 (below) – Summary of exceedances of trigger points for investigation in waterfowl, the number of specimens per species for composite samples and the range of PFOS + PFHxS concentrations in breast and liver.

Waterfowl Tested: 2 Chestnut Teal, 1 Pink-Eared Duck. 3 Total Specimens. PFOS + PFHxS: Breast 1.8-12ug/kg, Liver 16.3-87ug/kg

above trigger points for investigation in bold