2018: Lavington (Rural Fire Service) (NSW) – Sediment

Lavington Rural Fire Service


Lavington RFS

What is the situation at Lavington RFS?

PFAS investigations are currently being conducted at Lavington RFS at 629 Krautz Street, Lavington.  The site is owned by the Australian Department of Finance.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority has been monitoring the progress of NSW RFS PFAS investigations at Lavington RFS .

Why is PFAS being investigated?

Foam containing PFAS has been used in firefighting activities, such as fuel type fires and training, by some Rural Fire Brigades since 1975 for the protection of people and property.

What testing is being undertaken?

A preliminary site investigation was completed in May 2018. This was followed by additional monitoring in June 2018, which included groundwater, sediment, soil and surface water sampling.  A Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment was completed in July 2018 and a site improvement plan was completed in August 2018.

What were the results?

PFAS was not detected in groundwater samples.  PFAS was detected in some sediment samples below the human health and ecological assessment criteria, and in some soil samples within the acceptable public open space limits.  PFAS compounds were detected in a small dam near the RFS site.  The dam is neither used for drinking water, nor for recreational purposes and is fenced.

The detection of PFAS was limited to a 1.07 ha area adjacent to the RFS site.  Testing determined the 1.07 ha area is suitable for open space, commercial and industrial use, and neighbouring properties are suitable for residential use as detections were below the PFAS  National Environmental Management Plan 2018 (NEMP) open space and residential guidelines.