2018: Hunter River Estuary (NSW) Health Advice on Sea Food

Hunter River Estuary and Tilligerry Creek dietary advice

October 2018 Department of Primary Industries


The Department of Primary Industries has implemented the recommendations of the NSW Government around fish and crustaceans in the Hunter River Estuary and Tilligerry Creek (Port Stephens).

Advice is currently in place for the Hunter River Estuary, Tilligerry Creek and Fullerton Cove relating to PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) contamination.

• There are no fishing restrictions relating to PFAS contamination in place in the area.

• The general public can be confident that seafood for sale from the area is safe to eat.

• Dietary advice has been provided for fishers and local residents who consume large amounts of seafood from the Hunter River Estuary and Tilligerry Creek (Port Stephens), who should limit the number of serves of individual species – see overleaf.

• The Hunter River Estuary includes the whole of the tidal waters of Hunter River and its tributaries and includes Fullerton Cove and Throsby Creek.

• Sourcing seafood from a variety of locations including the ocean and waterways outside these areas will assist in minimising exposure.