2018 December: Botany Bay (NSW).

Botany Bay and Georges River: PFAS investigations


2018 December

The NSW Government has released precautionary dietary advice for fish caught in Botany Bay and the Georges River after testing found per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances(PFAS) in some species.

Residents can continue to fish in Botany Bay and the Georges River but should follow precautionary dietary advice when eating their catch.

Investigations have found PFAS on and offsite at sites such as Botany Industrial Park, Sydney Airport and Caltex Kurnell. The number of potential sources of PFAS in the area makes it difficult to attribute the detections to a specific source.Investigations also found varying levels of PFAS in multiple fish species in Botany Bay and the Georges River. Other species that were tested, but do not require precautionary dietary advice are Squid, Blue Swimmer Crab, Blue Groper, Red Morwong, Sand Whiting, Yellowfin Leatherjacket, Yellowfin Bream, Pacific Oysters and Sydney Rock Oysters. Farmed oysters are also safe to eat.