2018 August: Tugun Desalination Plant (Queensland)


1 August 2018: Toxic chemicals detected in Tugun water plant

The ABC can also reveal PFAS chemicals have also now been detected at the Tugun Desalination Plant, which operates close to the Gold Coast Airport.

South East Queensland Water, which runs the plant, said it had twice detected the chemicals at low levels.

It said local water supply was safe to drink and not at risk.

The plant takes water from more than one kilometre off Kirra Beach.

South East Queensland Water said the saltwater goes through reverse osmosis purification technology, which is a “proven, suitable and effective barrier for PFAS treatment”.

The chemicals have now been detected at Coolangatta Creek, at a lake near the Kirra caravan park, on Bilinga and Kirra Beaches and in residential bores close to the airport.