2017 – Londonderry TestSafe and Fire and Rescue (New South Wales) – PFAS

Londonderry TestSafe and Fire and Rescue NSW

https://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/your-environment/contaminated-land/pfas-investigation-program/pfas-investigation-sites/Londonderry-TestSafe-and-Fire-and-Rescue-NSWTestSafe is investigating potential per-and-poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination stemming from the historical use of fire-fighting foams at their Londonderry site.

Investigations have found PFAS on and offsite at the Londonderry site. The detection of PFAS is not unexpected given the past use of PFAS-containing fire-fighting foams at the site. PFAS has also been used in many domestic and industrial products and background levels may be present from these other sources.

Residents of Londonderry do not need to take any additional precautions to limit their exposure to PFAS.

TestSafe is constructing a new retention dam to capture any surface water from the PFAS impacted fire-fighting training ground to minimise the amount of run-off from the site. TestSafe will regularly monitor PFAS levels of the water in the dam during and following its construction.

TestSafe has also altered processes on site to reduce the likelihood of additional PFAS entering the environment. Ongoing surface and groundwater monitoring, both on and off site, will help determine if these activities are helping to reduce PFAS concentrations. TestSafe will provide the results of this monitoring to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for review and will keep the local community informed of any developments.