2010/11: North Richmond (New South Wales) – PFPeA, PFHxA, PFHpA, PFOA, PFBS, PFHxS, PFOS

Concentrations of PFOS, PFOA and other perfluorinated alkyl acids in Australian drinking water

Jack Thompson a,⇑, Geoff Eaglesham b, Jochen Mueller a The University of Queensland, National Research Center for Environmental Toxicology (Entox) 39 Kessels Rd., Coopers Plains, QLD. 4108, Australia b Queensland Health and Forensic Scientific Services (QHFSS), Organics Section 39 Kessels Rd., Coopers Plains, QLD. 4108, Australia

2010: North Richmond: New South Wales

PFPeA: 2.58ng/L-3.98ng/L

PFHxA: 2.85ng/L-5.53ng/L

PFHpA: 1.25ng/L-2.4ng/L

PFOA: 5.17ng/L-9.66ng/L

PFBS: 1.48ng/L-2.41ng/L

PFHxS: 4.21ng/L-8.24ng/L

PFOS: 1.46ng/L-3.32ng/L

2011 North Richmond – New South Wales

Blacktown, Quakers Hill and North Richmond that all had relatively high ΣPFAAs concentrations,up to 36 ngL-1 in North Richmond.

p31: Health Stream WATER QUALITY RESEARCH AUSTRALIA September 2011